Building Clasp and externals-clasp

Hey folks,

— Update 18:00 EST Sept 29, 2014 —

Things are starting to stabilize and multiple people are getting Clasp built on OS X and Linux. The precise systems that Clasp has been built on are listed in the file on github.

We have a chatroom on IRC on freenode in #clasp. Drop in if you have some time.

On linux you need either (a) gcc 4.8 -or- (b) gcc 4.9 and clang 3.5. In the (a) case, the clang 3.6 compiler that comes with externals-clasp can be used. (Sorry, it’s a bit complicated).

These linux requirements are so specific because of changes that have been made to gcc 4.9 and llvm/clang that are outside of my control.

Thank you for being so brave and installing a new package like clasp in the first days after it was released.

You need to install externals-clasp first before installing clasp.

People are starting to post notifications about bugs in Clasp and that’s fantastic! Thank you. I’ll get to them as quickly as possible.

I love to hear peoples comments, feedback and suggestions regarding how to improve clasp.




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